Monday, September 12, 2011

Inspired by the market

One of the reasons that I like shopping at the farmers' market is being inspired by what I see and what looks good. On a recent trip to the Mountain View farmers' market, I saw all the heirloom tomatoes and was inspired to make...

A heirloom tomato (Happy Boy Farms), roasted beet (Nunez Farm), basil (Happy Boy Farms), goat cheese salad with olive oil from Soul Food Farm for dinner on Sunday and...

A heirloom tomato (Happy Boy Farms) soup with roasted corn (G&S Farm) and fresh basil (Happy Boy Farms) for dinner on Monday. Yum.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Pastured Pork Share

So excited to participate in my first "pork share"! I found this opportunity through the local chapter of Slow Food USA. The basic concept is that a group of people come together to buy a whole pig direct from a farm, then it's arranged for the pig to be butchered, and each person who buys a share gets a bunch of fresh pork direct from the farm.

We bought our pig from Fogline Farm, a farm near Santa Cruz that prides itself on its sustainability. They sell veggies through a CSA, and eggs, chickens, hogs and jams direct to consumers and through farmers' markets (around Santa Cruz / Monterey). I've had a chance to visit the farm and chat w/ the farmers - Johnny, Caleb, Jeff . It's inspiring to see these young, passionate guys dedicate their work lives to growing such good, delicious, healthy food.

I purchased 12 lbs of pork for $100 - the shares I got consisted mostly of pork chops and pork belly, with a couple lbs of stew meat and a large shank. Given the quality and cuts of the meat, my instinct is that it's a pretty decent price for local, pastured pork. And regardless of the price, it feels really great to support a local, small-scale, sustainable farm. Given the lack of good options near me to purchase local, pastured pork, I might make this a regular thing.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Another Monday Dinner

Three mushroom soup with portabello, brown buttons, shiitake mushrooms from Far West Fungi in Moss Landing (sold at the Mountain View and Palo Alto farmers' market)

Spicy grilled cheese sandwich with pepper jack from Spring Hill Cheese in Petaluma (sold at the Palo Alto farmers' market)

Monday, August 15, 2011

Summertime Monday Dinner

Sweet white corn and heirloom tomato risotto with white corn from G&S Farm in Brentwood (Mountain View and Palo Alto farmers' markets), tomatoes from Baia Nicchia in Sunol (Menlo Park farmers' market), shallots from Borba Farms in Aromas (MV farmers' market) and olive oil from Soul Food Farm in Vacaville

Side of zucchini and yellow summer squash from Happy Boy Farms in Watsonville (Mountain View farmers' market)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Walking The Market

I love walking the Mountain View farmers' market on Sunday mornings and figuring out what I cook for dinner during the week. Especially during the summer, there is such an abundance of delicious produce to choose from where a meal builds itself. This past Sunday, one meal came together when I had the idea to do a skirt steak salad - and I quickly added corn, peaches and red peppers - accompanied by a tortilla espanola (Spanish omelette).

Tortilla espanola with russet potatoes from Zuckerman Farm, yellow onions from Swank Farms in Hollister, eggs and olive oil from Soul Food Farm in Vacaville

Build your own salad:

Salad mix from Happy Boy Farms in Watsonville
Sweet white corn from G&S Farms in Brentwood
Cilantro from Nunez Organic Farm in Watsonville
Red peppers from Borba Farm in Aromas
Grilled skirt steak from Pampero Ranch in Sunol
White peach from Kashiwase Farm in Winton
Miso salad dressing from Nago Foods

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Pietro and Local Seafood

As I have gradually moved my food purchases to local, sustainable and direct from the grower/producer when possible, I have been pleasantly surprised to find purveyors of beef, chicken, pork and... fish. Although it's a bit of a drag to not walk into a store and get fresh seafood any day of the week, a little planning ahead in getting to the Sunnyvale or Palo Alto farmers' market on Saturday morning provides the opportunity to buy fresh, locally caught seafood from H&H Fresh Fish and Pietro of FV Anne B.

Dinner: miso black cod from Pietro on a bed of mei quin (like bok choy) from High Ground Organics, with a side of corn (Happy Boy Farms) and shiitake mushrooms (Far West Fungi)

Monday, August 8, 2011

Monday Dinners

You know, it's easy to prepare meals on Mondays with local, sustainable food - because I have typically just gone to the Mountain View farmers' market on Sunday morning.

Here was tonight's dinner:

Mixed green salad from Fat Cabbage Farm in Pescadero, with cherry tomatoes from Rhodes Family Farm

Grilled rib-eye steak from Pampero Ranch in Sunol

Steamed broccoli from Nunez Organic Farm in Watsonville

Roasted Bintje potatoes from Thomas Farm in Watonsville